Take a Moment, Shed a Tear, Never Forget, and Take a Stand

The Texas Roadhouse in Holmdel set out a table with 13 filled beer glasses and 13 empty seats, along with a Marine Corps flag, as well the Naval flag for the fallen Navy corpsman. But we as a nation need to do more than take in our breath, think for a minute and shed a tear as it sinks in that these kids gave their lives in the name of our country.

Fortunately, their parents all realize they are heroes and this young people they knew what they were facing, considering they were sent into Afghanistan because the President had pulled out troops. But feeling bad isn’t going to help. Recognizing their loved ones are heroes isn’t going to take away the pain. We need to write our Congressmen, write our President, demand answers, demand a Commander-in-Chief who knows how to command and can listen to the advice of seasoned warriors. Naval officers have told me they always listen to the Chief, the enlisted guy or the Gunny, because he’s the one with the answers, he’s the one on the ground, he’s the one who can think and act quickly.

We forgot our military when they came back from Vietnam, we better never forget our military again. But that takes action and getting involved. Congratulations to Outback for keeping everyone in mind of this terrible tragedy, but let their reminder stir up to action and taking active parts in determining the men and women who make the decisions.

More importantly, and if you really want to shed some tears, listen to this speech by the late Marine General John F Kelly, a former Marine Corps General. Listen to how this father could address this group, listen carefully to every word he has to say. And remember, he made this speech four days after the death of his own son. General Kelly, a man of action, a man who practiced what a Patriot is.

The speech is in three parts, please watch them all, remember, and take action





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