Thanks Mayor Broullon

Thanks to Highlands Mayor Broullon for responding this morning to my questions from the other day about who appoints members of the Highlands Housing Authority.

The Authority has seven members, six of whom are appointed by the Mayor and Council, and the seventh is indeed appointed by the Governor. So while I was happy to see the Governor in Virginia at the christening of the nation’s newest submarine, the New Jersey this morning, I feel everyone in Highlands should feel more than a bit insulted that he didn’t think there was a living soul in that community who is good enough to serve on the local Housing Authority. No offense, to Atlantic Highlands Councilwoman Lori Hohenleitner, but gee, Governor, your wife was even present when Mayor Broullon was sworn in as Mayor a couple of years ago, even if you couldn’t find anyone else in town, which I strongly doubt, at least your wife apparently knows even the Mayor is capable of serving.

Mayor, if you’d like any support in telling the Governor there are plenty of well qualified residents of Highlands who are capable of running or serving on an authority in that town, you can certainly count me in. Not sure, since the final votes are not certified yet, but I do think Highlands supported the Governor for re-election, too bad he doesn’t show any support for any of the people in Highlands.

The Mayor also cleared up my confusion on how many redevelopment areas there are in town. Actually, as she well pointed out, there are three:

Shadow Lawn, Captain’s Cover Marine, and Bay Avenue.

Shadow Lawn’s pan has been completed, and it’s just waiting on some revised comments from the DEP before the developer’s agreement can be signed.

Captains Cove, the mayor said, has also completed its plan and is waiting for the DEP to sign off on permits before any developer’s agreement can be signed, and;

the Bay Avenue plan is just beginning the progress with the planner now writing the proposed plan.

That’s an awful lot going on in one little town which is a good thing. Do you wonder though if there is anything going on for residential housing, residents’ assistance, or……the number one problem that has always plagued Highlands….FLOODING

It’s only my opinion, but I still think that is the problem that should have top priority. If the downtown businesses have flooding problems now, wouldn’t new businesses have the same problem? After all, it isn’t the folks or the stores that are causing the flooding.


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