The Best: Atlantic Highlands First Aid Squad

I have always appreciated the Atlantic Highlands First Aid Squad, the Highlands squad an all those volunteers that serve on all emergency units. But the other day i saw how the Atlantic Highlands volunteers truly do go above and beyond. That isn’t to say all squads don’t do the same thing, I think they probably do. But seeing them in action and having it affect you personally makes a difference.

When my neighbor, the former mayor, fell in her home alone and her Alert went over which notifies the company who notify the police, they were there in an instant. Can never say enough good about this particular police department; they’re always on the job, always professional, always knowledgeable and always so capable. And just minutes behind them were the volunteers in the First Aid Squad. The weather was pretty horrible, the snow was fairly deep, and those guys were there right away. Seems Ed Citron and some others, sorry I don’t have their names, simply decided earlier in the day that they wanted to be prepared should there be any emergency, so they simply sat in the squad building prepared to take on whatever came. It isn’t the first time; I know it won’t be the last. But these volunteers work like their lives depended on it, or that they’re paid huge salaries for their efforts. It’s because of their great dedication that when OUR lives depend on them, we can feel confident we’re in great hands. Thanks is never enough, but it helps. So thank every squad member, send checks when you can, and better yet, if you’re able, become one of them by volunteering to serve in some capacity.

The former Mayor was taken to Riverview with a minor injury, and I expect, knowing her tremendous tenacity and determination, it won’t be long before she’s back home.


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