The Hunt is On!

HUNT the HOOK a unique scavenger hunt for all ages, will be one of the celebrations of National Park Week at Gateway National Recreation Ara on Saturday, April 9.

The Hunt is designed to engage and inspire the public within the park in a safe, fun, and slightly competitive way.

Team entries are $15 and a grand prize which includes a Sandy Hook Summer Beach parking pass, a $100 gift certificate to the Lusty Lobster in Highlands and a swag basket from the Sandy Hook Foundation will be presented to one lucky winner.

All clues for the hunt will be posted on The Sandy Hook Foundation website, or mailed/emailed to registrants upon request. Registration is required no later than Friday, April 8.

Scavengers have five days, from dawn to dusk beginning April 9 to decipher clues, find locations on Sandy Hook, and provide proof through submission of photos or sketches that depict the answer.

Awards and photos submitted by e-mail, will be held April 13 at 5 p.m. Details of the event will be provided upon registration or sponsorship.

The winner will be notified April 15, and in the event there are multiple teams with winning answers and proof, a raffle will take place to pull the winning name

The hunt includes deciphering clues, determining the location and take a photo of the location with the Hunt the Hook sign provided with registration.


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