The Mayor, AHPD & the Library

The fact the Atlantic Highlands Library is now back along with Borough Hall being opened is just great news that made me happy this week. Seeing so many going back into the library, though missing their favorite librarian Jane Reynolds, shows how much this town appreciates the Monmouth County Library system. Met a teen coming out of the library this afternoon, and he said his family just moved here and he was so happy to be able to go inside the library and walk through the shelves of books just to see everything that’s there. He was also thrilled because he had requested one book that wasn’t there, but he said, “the county library sent it over and I had it in two days. I can’t believe how great this is.!” I can, because I know a lot of folks who work in the County Library and they go above and beyond to keep the customers happy. The virtual programs that are offered every night are spectacular, and such talent, education, sports, music, arts and recreation being free and available right in your own home is truly a modern day miracle! A miracle, yes, but brought to reality by a very high-tech team of Library folks who apparently take such great pride in their work and love keeping the library’s customers happy. If you want an idea of what the library offers, check out their Upcoming Events column at And while you’re there, sign up for something and see for yourself how easy and relaxing it is to be entertained or taught in your own home.

That’s only one thing that made me happy today. Another was seeing the promotions and activities set for Thursday night’s Mayor and Council meeting in Atlantic Highlands for several members of the Police Department. Truly a great department that doesn’t lose any time in ensuring the public they have a full complement of officers on duty at all times…well trained, polite and courteous at that, in addition to being highly proficient at their jobs. Stop in at Thursday’s council meeting and take pride in toe borough’s men and women in blue.

Sitting on Helen Marchetti’s front porch on Center Avenue is enough to make everyone happy. Helen, the former Mayor, native born and beloved by generations, has taken to sitting on the porch watching the world go by. She’s greeted by car honks, waves, or shouts of “Hi Helen!” from just about every car that passes in either direction on what can be a sometimes busy road. Helen will admit …under questioning and then with a little smile of guilt… she doesn’t always recognize every car or every driver or passenger who greets her, but as she’ll tell you, “I just love it. It’s my town and I just love how they all love it. That’s what we do in Atlantic Highlands. We just like each other. And we’re friendly.”


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