The Underrated Super Food

Artichokes ... That’s another one of those super foods that is so good for so many reasons, but especially great for eye health because of their high content of antioxidants, those magical things that help prevent or possibly halt aging macular degeneration.

They can be cooked in any number of ways, though frying is certainly not one of my favorites. A vegetable (technically a thistle) native to the Mediterranean region, it is a favorite food of every great Italian cook and a vegetable that is equally delicious steamed as an excellent addition to dips and sauces, or by itself as the perfect stand-alone snack.

While it may seem strange, it’s actually the bud of the flower that is eaten, just before it blooms into a single, purple blossom, generally not harvested or eaten. Grown mostly in California, the artichoke is generally in season between February and June, or September and December.

Think of artichokes for controlling blood pressure as well.


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