Thomas Jefferson & Lillian Burry at Cedar Drive School!

COLTS NECK – President Thomas Jefferson made his annual visit to the Cedar Drive School recently, the school’s first performance since the restrictions for Covid-19 began. Jefferson, portrayed by Steve Edenbo of the American Historical Theatre in Philadelphia, was both timely and historic in his presentation, wearing a mask and speaking to the students on the epidemic diseases during the 18 and 19th centuries, yellow fever and smallpox, and how those diseases impacted the residents of the colonies. Jefferson greeted students from the school in two separate sessions, and omitted his usual physical interaction with students because of the Covid regulations. Students all wore masks and were socially distanced from each other for the presentation in the school auditorium. County Commissioner Lillian Burry, former Mayor of Colts Neck, annually invite Edenbo to make his presentations for the student body, faculty members and guests. “Jefferson was an outstanding leader in his own time,” Burry said, “as well as continuing to be a role model not only for his writings, his politics, and his contributions to forming the new nation of the United States, but also because of his love of learning, his affection for books, and his musical talents and abilities. Jefferson will never go out of style, in my opinion.”


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