Time Limits, $$$, HPD is Awesome & Tommy Elliot

There’s both good and maybe not so great things happening at the Highlands Borough Council meeting tonight that should be interesting fodder for those who are able to attend and participate.

According to the agenda, it looks like somehow the three minute maximum for a public speaker has been changed to it’s up to the governing body to determine whether a citizen is talking too long or not being courteous enough. Which means the only limit on someone speaking is whether the governing body likes hearing what they have to say.

There are five, count them, five, public hearings on yet more ordinances..so far more than 20 in this year alone! Three of these involve the plans for marijuana stores, putting Highlands ahead of even the state, who hasn’t made its final decisions on specifically how they’re ruling on everything. Which means, once again, taxpayers might be paying for ordinances, then amendments to ordinances. The other two public hearings are on parking changes.

Then there are the attorney fees, always a big item on a Highlands budget. In addition to the regular minimum payment of $5,500 a month for the attorney, there’s another $9,740.88 for hourly work. That’s in addition to another $210 for two different litigations, one for Captains Cove, one for Hilltop. And they’re only the beginning of the list. There are more legal fees with yet another attorney for more Captains Cove work, as well as several other legal fees to several other attorneys. Highlands is either very much above the law with its legal wisdom or very much in need of legal assistance in everything it does. Justs for the fun of it, check out the payment of bills and add up the legal services bills alone.

Tommy Eliott is being honored once again, and there simply couldn’t be enough honors to pay to this dedicated and so very talented musician and student leader. Tom through his many years at Henry Hudson, has helped, guided, instructed and been loved by so many students and their families, and his legacy will live on through the kids to whom he has taught an appreciation of music and good living. For both Highlands and Atlantic Highlands to set aside a day just for Tom Elliott is only one indication of how well respected he is.

And the Highlands police are being praised and recognized, here again only for one incident, but certainly indicative of who they are, what they do, and how they are appreciated.

Did not see anything on the agenda on whether that position as confidential aide for the mayor has been filled yet. But I’m sure that ordinance was introduced, passed and is on the books for a reason.


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