Travel by Jason

I could brag every day about everyone of my nine grandchildren and the good news is it is because of different talents, different reasons, different personalities, different energies. But th

ey are all the same in their always wanting to improve, to do something different, to be somebody better. So in this column I want to brag about Jason McNamee. Jason’s my oldest grandchild, born when I was far too young to be a grandma. But his mom was a Marine and in Japan when she called to give us the news. The Corps being what it is, Michelle still had her obligations…the Marine Corps did not issue Jason! it was several months before we got to see him, hold him and spoil him. Through the years, Jason grew, learned, loved his siblings and cousins, and eventually went to work for an airlines, a job he still holds. But now, he’s added something else to his repertoire! Jason is now an agent for Disney trips, cruises, all-inclusive resorts and not sure what else. But it’s a lot. He got his training through both Disney and Universal Studios, so he can do everything from booking resorts and tickets, to making dinner reservations, spa appointments, even tee times and ground transportation. He said he’s doing this because of the travel he and Melissa and their kids have done, travel that showed them they really like the personal attention, knowledge, and tips and suggestions of professionals when they’re away from home. In this job, which is in addition to the airline work out of Philadelphia Airport, Jason said after he books trips, he monitors all the last minute deals offered for the area where he’s booked someone, then alerts them to more possibilities. The new opportunity has also changed Jason, I can tell! Never the most talkative or outgoing of all the grands….that in itself is something to admire and brag about sometimes!... Jason now talks about the best places for honeymooners to go for romance, or excitement, or relaxation; he ticks off the unusual places for college kids to go on break, or for families to visit. Whether they like Disney World or the Caribbean. My oldest grandson also said that after 20 years in the aviation field, he has learned how vital it is to pay attention to the smallest details. And that’s why he feels his Travel by Jason with Just a Dream Away Travel will be successful, not only for him, but for everyone who books or plans through him. Don’t take my word for it. Contact him at, If you do, tell him his Granny said he better make you feel important and special. Am I proud of Jason? Of course. He’s in his late 30s, successful in aviation, married to a wonderful wife with two very special children. And still he want to do more and make others happy. That’s the best way to look at life!


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