Twin Lights Reopens

WOW! Just seeing all the new and wonderful exhibits at the Twin Lights Museum is simply spectacular, even without the fact you can now climb both towers!

With Covid problems settling down, the fantastic volunteers who not only man the museum's store but answer every possible question you can ask about the Twin Lights, are back behind the desk with big smiles and a spotless bright and fresh new museum store to welcome everyone. So is the great NJ Parks staff who are always ready to help, give tours, and go in depth in information about this magnificent piece of history at the top of the Highlands hills. Even the Museum Store has lots of new and intriguing gift and souvenir ideas at all prices.

Locals in particular will love the Highlands room, the result of the team effort of state and Historical Society employee-historian Jenna Paterno,state historian Nicholas Woods and Highlands Historical Society historian and hard worker, Walt Guenther Visit the Twin Lights Historical Society . There are great wall stories and photos of families and people so well known for their roles in history...Blub Parker during Prohibition, Trudy Ederle swimming the Channel, Chris Kohlenbush, Esther Bolster... a great combination of very diverse and fascinating people. And more to come!

Not only that, the room and exhibits are so designed so the room can still be rented for private celebrations or meetings..what fun to have a Birthday Party in the Twin Lights!... The next room, besides being the entry to the South Tower, also houses a great navigational display, where not only are the navigational items on display, but the great explanations go into detail not only of what they are and what they did, but also directions in how they were used. Nick Woods deserves kudos galore for that.

The Twin Lights is certainly a great example of how the state is working closely with the Historical Society and all volunteers in providing the best stories and information in the most enjoyable manner. The camaraderie among all of the folks involved at the Twin Lights makes you realize what teamwork is all about and what it can accomplish. Even the $5 fee the state now charges to climb the two towers is a small price to pay for the magnificent view from the top and bragging rights to tell the world you climbed not one, but two towers, at one lighthouse! Visit the Twin Lights Historical Society website and Facebook pages to learn more fascinating stories and more about this unique museum.


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