Vegetables, Honey Do's & Your Invited!

Just got back from a week's cruise on the Chesapeake learning more about the Revolution and came back to four incredibly wonderful things happening right here at home! My son Jimbo had another huge box of fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds delivered to me, ensuring I stay on my healthy diet to help macular degeneration; my daughter Tracie did lots of little things around my house, plus left a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to welcome me home; son-in-law Chris created a garden, feeding station and lounge area for me in a snug little outdoor corner, all of which remind me once again how very kind and thoughtful my family is!

Then to top it off while I was away, Jane Frotton and others were continuing to keep busy on the Thursday night Birthday Celebration for Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso we've all been planning to help raise funds for her successful primary battle followed by her easier victory come November and it's going just terrific! Wonderful to see how many supporters Serena has and will be even better to see them all at the Shore Casino, a spectacular Atlantic Highlands spot to celebrate anything...or just to have fun!~. Let me know if you want tickets...$50 includes those sensational Casino hors d'oeuvers (when there are that many do you still call them hors d'ouevres?) coffee bar, dessert, the chance to say Happy Birthday to Serena. Oh yeah, there is a cash bar as well!


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