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MANALAPN – An encore presentation of historian Mary Rasa’s story, “The Skirt and Stocking Clad Soldier: Women join the Military in WWII” is offered by the Monmouth County Library Veterans Day, Nov. 11, at 10:30 a.m. on the Library’s Website.

The program is being offered with no required for registration and is accessible simply by visiting the library’s website at and scrolling through the events under the daily calendar.

Rasa holds a degree in historic preservation as well as a master’s degree in library science, and has worked 16 years as a museum curator and National Park Service ranger. She is well known to school children and professionals alike for her numerous programs for both academic and professional conferences, as well as for senior groups and historical societies. Her earlier presentation of this program was received with acclaim and appreciation of the role women played in the war.

The program discusses the first women who joined the military during the second World War, together with their counterparts in civilian defense work. Stories of several Women’s Army Corp members stationed at either Fort Hancock or Fort Monmouth are also included in the presentation, which also highlights the work women did in offices, nursing units and motor pools, both at home and in war zones.

The program is offered to all and it is not necessary to be a library member to access the website.


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