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The spectacular weather today is enough to make anyone happy, but sitting at Bahrs Restaurant with an old and trusted friend and seeing how clear the river seems to be getting is an added bonus. Seeing that great new exterior look at Bahrs’ entrance to their riverfront outdoor dining is also pretty terrific and seeing the Inlet Café and Proving Ground, along with Bahrs so crowded with happy and well satisfied customers is kind of like icing on the cake. Watching the young man pump gas for a waiting boater at the Bahrs dock brought back great memories of how and where my own son started his first job, one he loved so much and at which he worked so hard that he snuck out of the house before dawn, just to be sure to be down there at the Chum Box meeting and greeting all the seamen. His popularity among the fishermen coming back from successful fishing trips is also why we had so many bluefish in the freezer and I had to learn 27 different ways to prepare it!

Seeing those two Highlands Police officers come into OLPH Church during mass to bring needed emergency assistance to a churchgoer until the ambulance arrived also gave me a great confidence in the professionalism of the officers, surpassed only by the quick thinking of Fr. Jarlath and his calm and soothing manner of first interrupting the mass to give assistance and prayerful help, then immediately returning to the mass and added prayers for the woman in need. That instills immediate confidence! And how wonderful were the two dozen or so people in church, who didn’t rush over to get in the way, didn’t call out or create any disturbance, simply prayerfully waited for the immediate situation to be resolved, albeit praying silently, I’m sure, then proceeding with daily mass.

Hearing that it will be Tommy Elliott Day on this beloved music instructor’s birthday this week was joyous, knowing just how well Mr. Eliott has been to so many generations of youngsters, both those who have great talent in music that he guided, improved, and honed as well as those with no musical talent but with a desire to please a teacher who dearly loved all his students and wanted them to enjoy the beauty of music of all kinds. Happy Birthday, Tom, may it be as happy as you continue to make so many people with your musical talent.

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