What Happened to Truth, Justice & the American Way?

It makes me wonder….and I know it’s not a popular position to take…..but are the facts always really checked when someone files complaints or civil suits or goes on TV or Facebook to say they were sexually assaulted? The New York political candidate recently charged for unlawful and unwanted advances on a volunteer who worked for him years ago is the latest example that makes me wonder about these things. He’s going on tv saying it isn’t true, that isn’t the kind of person he is, anything he’s done has been consensual. She’s going on with written statements she’s only too happy to share saying it’s all so, she’s been damaged, and it isn’t right. She’s even going on comedy shows and making a mockery of her ‘assault’ in disgusting terms. That’s ok, she said, because it’s therapeutic to be able to laugh about it. Really? Ruining another person’s life because you say he did something years ago? Is there no one who believes him? Aren’t we still in America where everyone is innocent until proven guilty? Did she file a criminal charge against him, and is that being investigated? Or did she simply file a civil charge and it’s her word that will get her monetary compensation, which I guess, is more therapeutic even than mocking it on television. Last year, the Boy Scouts folded, are in the midst of selling their assets and agreeing to settle all the civil suits that were filed by a specific deadline. That means that everyone who met that deadline, got themselves a lawyer to represent them…there are bundles out there who make their own healthy compensation on that kind of class action suit…..will simply get a check. No proof needed, no going to court, no hearing from the ‘accused,’ simply a fat check and poof, therapy has cured whatever happened decades before. Forget about lives ruined, reputations damaged forever. Without any investigations or proofs, it almost looks like a creative writer can make more in civil suits than in writing books. The same thing appears to be happening with the clergy. There are attorneys advertising they’ll be happy to represent ‘victim’s so long as they get the story, get the ‘facts’ and file the action before a specific deadline. Have we sunk so low we don’t even bother to check facts or circumstances before finding someone guilty or making him pay for something he never did?


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