Where have I been?

I know you’ve been asking and I know you deserve an answer... How come there have been so few new posts on VeniVIdiScripto in the last couple of days?

Well, the truth is, in a way, I’ve been researching yet another broad spectrum of stories to write.

Well, that wasn’t really my intention, but now that I’ve had the experience, I do realize I have an entire series I can write on staying overnight in a hospital, having a surgical procedure, beginning recuperation at home, the great and not so great aspects of the hospital, the wonderful and dedicated people I met, the excellence of a surgeon and my own personal doctor, both of which I knew about long before this but was reiterated because of this latest incident, and what happens next.

It was the two days in the hospital that kept me from writing, but once back home, secure, comfortable, and basking in the love and care of a terrific son and daughter, as well as friends and all the special people who included me in their prayers, I’m happy to report the procedure had nothing to do with either my fingers on the keyboard or my research and writing ability.

So look for an abundance with articles in the next couple of days, one of a favorite pharmacist who is retiring from my favorite pharmacy, several on the progress of that wonderful new submarine, the New Jersey, a few wondering articles on what is going on in Highlands, more commentary on how fortunate Atlantic Highlands has been to have Adam Hubeny its administrator for so many years, and a few surprises as well.


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