Who Can You Believe?

I wonder whose fault it is when two headlines on the front page of the exact same paper, tell two starkly different stories.

That's what happened Saturday in the Asbury Park Press, when their two lead articles, the four column headlined piece on the top left of the page countered with the two column piece on the right side of page one.

Both were USA Today Network pieces.

Top left was "Shore hospitals delay some elective surgeries" with the subhead explaining "Staff shifted to handle rise in COVID admissions." ... Sounds reasonable enough....

Until you read the article headlined next to it....

That one said "Hospitalizations for Covid-19 fall for second day in state."

Does it make you wonder whether the powers that be really know what's going on with COVID?

Then think about your TV ads for a second.

Do you ever wonder who's paying for all those ads telling you to be sure to be vaccinated, where to go to be vaccinated, all those alleged medical specialists telling you why you have to be vaccinated?

Seems to be an awful lot of ads, added to COVID being the lead story in every news report on just about every network.


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